Electronic Blog

Chip Giants' Legal War

Micron and YMTC are embroiled in a legal battle over 3D NAND memory patents, reflecting the heightened semiconductor rivalry and geopolitical tensions in the industry.

TCL's Chip Design Shift

TCL navigated chip shortages and market challenges, reassessing its subsidiaries' strategies amid industry flux and a tough consumer electronics climate.

Chip Trade & Tech Edge

Ample Chip leverages advanced packaging to excel in chip trading, aligning with tech trends amid U.S.-China semiconductor competition, boosting its market position.

Samsung Chip Crisis

Samsung faces a chip industry crisis with plummeting profits due to inventory issues and the rise of competitors like SK Hynix in AI chip market share.

AI's Next Leap

The article details the unveiling of NVIDIA's newest AI chip, the H200, its impact on AI development and its potential for market demand.

Ample Chip in Expo Excitement

Ample Chip shines at the 2023 Munich South China Electronics Show while anticipating further laser tech developments.

U.S.-China Tech Tensions

Discussion over continuing tech 'cat and mouse' game between U.S. and China, highlighting the struggle of Nvidia under U.S. export restrictions.

AI Chip Bloom amid Scarcity

The piece explores the escalating demand, price, and rarity of advanced AI chips A100 and H100, the issues surrounding their availability, and their impact on the AI market.
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